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Coderyte Breaks Code On $2.5M

CodeRyte's computer-assisted coding drives the healthcare revenue cycle.
BETHESDA, MD, According to an SEC filing, Coderyte Inc. has raised $2.50 million, or nearly 90 percent of a $2.82 million offer of convertible promissory notes, from nine investors.

Current VCs invested in Coderyte include Polaris Ventures, Cardinal Partners, Solstice Capital, and Venrock Associates.

CodeRyte is the leading-and fastest growing-Natural Language Processing and computer-assisted coding supplier in healthcare.

CodeRyte's computer-assisted coding drives the healthcare revenue cycle, and ultimately clinical decision-making, unlocking the full power of the physician narrative and engaging expert humans in new ways so they can act faster and with more complete information that was ever before possible. This approach requires workflow constructs that enable real automation and safety mechanisms that provide the double and triple checks to ensure that with speed also comes increased safety and compliance.
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