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CMLaser Technologies Raises Capital

TUCSON, AZ, CMLaser Technologies has received funding from UAVenture Capital.
UAVenture Capital (UAVC), a Tucson-based venture capital fund dedicated to the University of Arizona commercialization of discovery products, technology and services, today announced its fifteenth portfolio investment in just over two years.

The Fund has invested in CMLaser Technologies, Inc, a Wyant College of Optical Sciences technology that intends to commercialize laser-based counter measures for both military and non-military aircraft.

The invested funds from UAVC will be utilized to further University of Arizona patented technologies designed to provide aircraft-based counter measures capable of detecting and defeating a missile born attack.

Dr. Nasser Peyghambarian is the inventor of the technology, currently operating from the University of Arizona Tech Park.

"Dr. Peyghambarian is a true superstar, and the Wyant College of Optical Sciences has an incredibly strong tradition of innovation in technologies that contribute to our national security and public safety," said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins. "I am very glad to see the potential of this invention continue to develop with the support of an outstanding partner in UAVenture Capital."

About UAVC:
UAVenture Capital Fund II, LLC is a Tucson based investment fund designed specifically to help finance University of Arizona connected enterprises including the commercialization of faculty led innovations originating at the University of Arizona. The fund provides early stage capital to companies where the science or service array was pioneered by faculty members, students and/or colleagues at the University of Arizona, one of the top research universities in the world.

About University of Arizona James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences:
The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences is one of the world's premier educational and research institutions in optics and photonics. Its focus is on educating outstanding students with a broad foundation in all areas of optics and on providing practical experience while developing highly competitive technical skills. The research programs include optical engineering, fundamental optical physics, photonics, and image science. The College provides unique opportunities to pursue cutting-edge applications of optics in real-life systems. Graduates become professors, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, working in academia, industry, government and business around the globe.
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