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BrightContext Launches with $1.74M

ARLINGTON, VA, Software platform for processing big data streams launches with funding from Southern Capitol Ventures.
Southern Capitol Ventures announces an investment in BrightContext (, an Arlington, Va.-based technology company with a software platform for processing big data streams to power real-time applications such as social TV, multiplayer gaming, real-time business metrics and mobile. BrightContext launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco this week as part of Battlefield program. BrightContext's cloud-based platform can ingest large volumes of real-time data, process the data on the fly, and instantly broadcast results among large numbers of users at a TV scale.

In the past, large-scale, real-time data processing was the purview of only a select group of organizations that required large system infrastructure investments and specialized team knowledge. Due to the investment required, the opportunity to analyze big data streams was only available in environments such as big Wall Street firms or government intelligence surveillance. However, in the last few years, smartphones and social media have introduced many new use cases for stream processing that legacy technologies were never intended to serve.

"We knew the BrightContext team through their previous startup, Incando, which was acquired by Scripps Networks in 2007," said David Jones, Partner at Southern Capitol Ventures. "As business moves faster, harnessing value from real-time data is becoming increasingly important for a lot of companies. Making it easier to do is huge and will lead to a multitude of new applications."
BrightContext raised $1.74M in a round lead by Southern Capitol Ventures. Investors included the founders of comScore, Bobby Yazdani and several angel investors. As part of the round, David Jones joined the board.

The platform is a cloud-based software and pricing is based on a usage with a free trial account option available at

"There's no doubt that real-time is going be one of the next major waves of innovation around the mobile and the Internet, but scalable real-time data stream processing is hard to build," says John Funge, CEO of BrightContext. "Our goal is to make real-time data processing broadly accessible. We see big applications for the platform in areas like social TV, real-time business metrics, gaming, and mobile, but that's probably about 20% of the possible use cases. By making things really easy, we hope to empower innovative developers to take our platform in directions we never could have imagined."

About BrightContext
BrightContext provides an ultra-scalable platform to power real-time data stream processing and communication within apps like social TV, real-time business metrics, mobile and multi-player gaming. BrightContext's cloud-based platform makes it easy and affordable for developers to build applications that can ingest large volumes of real-time data, process the data on the fly, and instantly broadcast results among large numbers of users. BrightContext is headquartered in Arlington, VA. For more information or to try the BrightContext Platform, please visit

About Southern Capitol Ventures
Southern Capitol Ventures is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based venture capital firm dedicated to helping outstanding entrepreneurs build market-leading companies. The firm is focused on providing capital and guidance to early-stage technology companies across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Other investments have included, ChannelAdvisor, ReverbNation, WeddingWire, and AVIcode (acquired by Microsoft NASDAQ:MSFT). For more information, please visit
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