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Bonfyre Sees $1.7M Round

ST. LOUIS, MO, App that connect brands and organizations with their audiences via cross-platform, event-based micro social networks, announced today that the start-up has raised $1.7 million in investment capital.
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Bonfyre, the first app to connect brands and organizations with their audiences via cross-platform, event-based micro social networks, announced today that the start-up has raised $1.7 million in investment capital.

International marketing services agency MKTG INC and angel investors have zeroed-in on Bonfyre's potential to redefine content sharing and audience interaction, investing nearly $2M to further Bonfyre's already robust lineup of features.

'MKTG invested in Bonfyre because it represents the future of social media interaction around events; targeted, mobile and 100% relevant,' said MKTG's Chairman and CEO, Charlie Horsey. 'The Bonfyre app is elegantly designed, easy to use and has enormous potential to disrupt the event technology space.'

'Bonfyre is about cultivating relationships, and there's no better relationship for Bonfyre than one with an industry leader like MKTG,' said Mark Sawyier, CEO of Bonfyre. 'The experience and insight of Charlie Horsey, Chairman and CEO of MKTG, will also be a welcome addition to our advisory board, and it's this innovative thought leadership that will propel Bonfyre to the forefront of social media for business.'


Bonfyre ( makes it easy for event organizers, corporations and educational communities to speak directly to their audiences via private communications channels, and to facilitate meaningful engagement around experiences that matter to users.

MKTG INC has seen first-hand the power of Bonfyre, having utilized its unique capabilities to enhance the experience of users at its events for their brands. A notable example is Bonfyre's use during the Amazon Student Back to College Concert featuring Trey Songz. During the event, attendees joined the official concert-specific network, and were treated to exclusive artist photos and content, prize giveaways and direct communication with fellow concert-goers.

'Amazon is just one of the many global brands to see positive results from Bonfyre's customizable social solutions for concerts and other live experiences. The value of leveraging a live experience to increase engagement with a brand's most dedicated audience members - before, during and even after the event - is undeniable,' said Sawyier. 'More importantly, especially for our brand partners, that value is completely measurable. The results speak for themselves.'

Jim McKelvey, co-founder of multi-billion dollar merchant services company Square and Bonfyre advisory board member, attests: 'Bonfyre solves a problem for any event that needs a private communication channel - and what event doesn't?'


Bonfyre is already generating revenue from over 50 major event partners including Express Scripts, ISES, Amazon and Budweiser Made In America, through highly-adaptable event solutions and monthly subscriptions.

Additionally Bonfyre's leadership has set their sights on expanding the business model to monetize the service via a LinkedIn-style 'freemium' model, in which businesses have access to core features free of charge, with more advanced functionality and customized solutions available at an additional cost.

'Having already worked with clients on hundreds of events, we've received invaluable feedback for the development of tools that will maximize the success and convenience of targeted audience engagement for our clients,' said Chris Dornfeld, President of Bonfyre. 'Individuals and businesses are finding new ways to use Bonfyre every day, and their input will continue to be of crucial importance in the development of this product.'

About Bonfyre

Bonfyre is the leading app that lets Web, iPhone and Android users share photos and messages in a private, experience-based social network. Perfect for any event, Bonfyre provides an intuitive platform for users to plan, execute and commemorate life's important moments. From global brands and corporate events to your family camping trip, Bonfyre connects users in seconds with the people that matter to create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.


MKTG INC is an International marketing services agency that builds global, national and local communities around brands by engaging consumers through experiential, digital and social media. We're uniquely designed to scale and reach impassioned audiences around the World, as well as in their own backyards. Headquartered in New York, with offices in Cincinnati, Chicago, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco, we have over 6,600 full-time brand ambassadors, 42 field offices, and produce more than 70,000 brand experiences each year. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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