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BioSqueeze Scores $7.4M Series A Round

BUTTE, MT, BioSqueeze, the world leader in commercial biomineralization, has raised $7.4 million in financing to accelerate its growth in sealing methane leaks in oil and gas wells across North America.
Led by Valo Ventures, a leading investor in climate technologies, the round also includes participation from Zero Infinity Partners, Riverstone LLC, and Next Frontier Capital.

BioSqueeze's novel biomineralization technology provides the most effective solution for eliminating methane leaks in oil and gas wells, saving time and money otherwise spent on unsuccessful remediation attempts. BioSqueeze is the world leader in commercial biomineralization, utilizing natural soil bacteria delivered via low-viscosity, self diverting fluids to form calcium carbonate (limestone), steadily reducing permeability to create a permanent, gas-tight seal. Biomineralization is effective, environmentally friendly, and has a host of applications including leak sealing, enhanced oil recovery, soil stabilization, and infrastructure repair.
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