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Aura Biosciences Raises $2.95M Second Round

Filings indicate there were 23 investors in the round.
CAMBRIDGE, MA, According to SEC filings, Aura Biosciences Inc., a Cambridge startup developing nanotechnology for drug delivery, has raised $2.95 million in its second funding round.

Filings indicate there were 23 investors in the round. Listed as related persons are directors Lawrence Best of OXO Capital LLC, and Salvador GarcĂ-a-Atance of the Spanish not-for-profit foundation Lealtad, among other directors.

Aura Biosciences is a "next generation" biotech company - combining the expertise of leading academic institutions through research and licensing agreements, with the flexibility and efficiency of a dedicated team of in-house scientists, deal-makers, and world class advisors.

Aura has secured world class scientific collaborations to create and optimize its Nanosmart platform through agreements leading European research centers. Aura's headquarters is located in the biotech cluster of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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