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Aeroseal Secures $67M Series B Funding Round

MIAMISBURG, OH, Aeroseal today announces a $67 million Series B funding round.
Aeroseal, a climate-tech startup with a system to reduce energy leaks to almost zero in some buildings, is receiving a $67 million Series B funding round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Climate Investment.

Aeroseal is changing the definition of what makes a healthy, energy-efficient building. Its one-of-a-kind carbon dioxide removal technology produces a gum that seals air ducts and building envelopes more efficiently than any other method. The application requires no lifestyle change for building tenants, no building renovation, and can be done in a single afternoon. Aeroseal's patented methods are one of the best ways to reduce energy loss from buildings and improve HVAC system performance. The company is dedicated to removing one gigaton of carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere annually. That's enough to fully load 10,000 U.S. aircraft carriers or equal the mass of all non-human land mammals worldwide. Aeroseal has over 200 employees in Dayton, Ohio, who serve contractors, builders, and building owners by sealing ducts and walls in their homes and properties.
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