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VC-funded Company:

Recursion Pharmaceuticals
383 S. Colorow Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Phone: 801-587-1629

Recursion Pharmaceuticals, LLC, is a Salt Lake City-based drug discovery company founded in 2013 based on technology developed at the University of Utah. Recursion uses a novel drug screening platform to efficiently reposition known drugs and shelved pharmaceutical assets to treat rare genetic diseases and other conditions. The company's original focus on rare genetic diseases is much needed, as there are more than 5,000 such conditions that together affect millions of Americans, and more than 95 percent of these diseases have no approved therapy. Recursion's novel drug screening platform combines experimental biology and bioinformatics in a massively parallel system to quickly and efficiently identify treatments for multiple rare genetic diseases, or any disease that can be modeled at the cellular level. The core of the approach revolves around high-throughput automated screening using high-content assays in human cells, which allows the near simultaneous modeling of hundreds of genetic and other diseases. Rich data from these assays is probed using advanced statistical and machine learning approaches, and the effects of thousands of known drugs, shelved drug candidates, and novel chemical matter can be investigated efficiently to identify those holding the most promise for the treatment of disease.

Key Contact
Chris Gibson
Funding Events

10/03/16 $12,900,000 Series A AME Cloud Ventures
Data Collective
EPIC Ventures
Lux Capital
Obvious Ventures
Wild Basin Investments
11/22/16 $2,150,000 Series A Felicis Ventures
10/03/17 $60,000,000 Series B Data Collective
07/16/19 $121,000,000 Series C Baillie Gifford
Data Collective
EPIC Ventures
Felicis Ventures
Intermountain Ventures
Lux Capital
Menlo Ventures
Mubadala Ventures
Obvious Ventures
Regents of the University of Minnesota
Texas Tech University System
Two Sigma Ventures
09/11/20 $239,000,000 Series D Baillie Gifford
Casdin Capital
Catalio Capital Management
EPIC Ventures
Felicis Ventures
Laurion Capital Management
Leaps by Bayer
Lux Capital
Mubadala Capital
Obvious Ventures
Samsara BioCapital