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Omega Therapeutics
325 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-949-4360

Omega Therapeutics is a genomic medicine company advancing novel engineered therapeutics, Omega's Epigenomic Controllers, enabling controllable epigenomic programming into clinical development for a broad range of indications. These therapeutics deliver Precision Genomic Control™ by controlling Insulated Genomic Domains (IGDs), the fundamental structural and functional units of genomic regulation, by modulating single and multiple gene expression through epigenomic programming. IGDs encompass single or multiple genes and their associated regulatory elements, and are correlated with diverse diseases, including cancer, autoimmune, inflammatory, regenerative, metabolic, neurological conditions and rare diseases. Omega's Epigenomic Controllers deliver the required potent and durable therapeutic effect by precisely modulating or tuning single or multiple genes, up or down, with high specificity to unleash the human genome's innate capacity to cure disease without altering native genomic nucleic acid codes. Omega's Epigenomic Controllers also allow repeat dosing with controllable durability.

Key Contact
Mahesh Karande
Funding Events

07/30/20 $85,000,000 Flagship Pioneering