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Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods provides unrivaled plant-based convenience through a delicious product roster that provides accessible, meatless and mouthwatering options for all types of consumers. Fueled by the power of plants and founded in 2015, Alpha is based in California and is dedicated to providing sustainable food choices that support animal welfare and a healthier planet. Alpha offers a wide variety of protein-packed, non-GMO, plant-based versions of classic comfort foods that deliver a delicious meatless meal that is perfect for an on-the-go lunch, dinner, or anytime snack -- without sacrificing on taste or texture.

Key Contact
Loren Wallis
CEO & Co-Founder
Funding Events

03/26/19 $7,000,000 Seed AccelFoods
Unovis Asset Management
02/11/20 $28,000,000 Venture AccelFoods
Blue Horizon Capital
Green Monday Ventures
Unovis Asset Management