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100Plus Grabs Funding

Personalized health prediction startup announced that it has received initial funding from Founders Fund and Peter Thiel, the first investor in Facebook.
SAN FRANCISCO, 100Plus, the personalized health prediction startup, ( announced today that it has received initial funding from Founders Fund and Peter Thiel, a managing partner at Founders Fund, co-founder and former CEO of PayPal and the first investor in Facebook. 100Plus is developing an interactive health application that leverages large clinical datasets to create algorithms showing personalized predictions of future health.

100Plus will also show users how they compare to people like them on common dimensions of health and habits, using game mechanics to encourage incremental changes in behavior that extend healthy lifespans.

100Plus is led by health data analytics veteran Chris Hogg, who has a decade of research experience focused on aging-associated diseases. Supported by co-founder Ryan Howard (CEO of Practice Fusion, the leader in Electronic Medical Records), 100Plus builds on the Practice Fusion Research Division's proprietary clinical dataset of 24 million de-identified records and public datasets from the CDC and 100Plus uses this anonymous data to build predictive models of future health and the impact of personal behavior trends.

"Getting a preview of your health future can be incredibly powerful," said Brian Singerman, a partner at Founders Fund. "When you're 80, will you be riding a wheelchair or a bicycle? How do your health decisions today impact your quality of life in 50 years? By generating predictions about health, based on enormous datasets and user behavior, 100Plus gives us life-changing insights."

100Plus plans a beta launch to consumers in mid-2012. The San Francisco-based company is hiring and also seeking new partners who wish to incorporate additional health data into the model.

"This will be the first consumer health application built on the Practice Fusion platform, a huge complement to the work we are doing in the medical sector," said Howard. "With Chris' expertise in aging and predictive modeling, 100Plus creates a fun and engaging experience that rewards consumers for small, incremental health choices. Initial funding by a top investor is an affirmation of this vision."

About 100Plus
100Plus is a personalized health prediction startup using data analytics and game mechanics to show how small changes in behavior can lead to a longer and better life. 100Plus is led by Chris Hogg, who has over a decade of experience in healthcare and health data analytics and co-founded by healthcare innovator Ryan Howard, Founder and CEO of Practice Fusion.

About Founders Fund
Founders Fund provides capital to transformational businesses run by world-class entrepreneurs. The firm and its partners have been early supporters of some of the most prominent start-ups of the past decade, including Facebook, SpaceX, Palantir Technologies, Spotify, and Practice Fusion. The firm, headquartered in San Francisco, pursues a founder-friendly investment strategy that provides maximum support with minimum interference to world-class entrepreneurs.
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